What the Butler Saw

A Farce by Joe Orton

Presented by The Rome Savoyards

Directed by Sandra Provost




Dr. Prentice, a psychiatrist, tries to seduce his attractive prospective secretary, Geraldine Barclay when his wife enters.
He attempts to cover up his activity by hiding the girl, his wife, however, is also being seduced and blackmailed by a Nicholas Beckett. She therefore promises Nicholas the post as secretary, which adds further confusion. Dr. Prentice's clinic is then faced by a government inspection led by Dr. Rance, which reveals the general chaos. Dr. Rance talks about how he will use the situation to develop a new book:  "The final chapters of my book are knitting together: incest, buggery, outrageous women and strange love-cults catering for depraved appetites. All the fashionable bric-a-brac." More will be unraveled and revealed in the exhilarating performance of the show by The Rome Savoyards, which will take place at Teatro San Genesio from June 12 to 17.