The Witch's Curse
February 2002
St. Stephen's School Theatre, Rome

...Let us consult one another.
Professional Bridesmaids Sonia Seri, Cristina Cordsen, Patricia Standingford, Carol May Singleton, Marie Lecomte, Maria Teresa Luppi, Marina Capecchi, Barbara Goldfield, Deborah Dostert, Lavinia Cozzi
(a professional Bridesmaid)
Helen Raiswell
Dame Hannah
(Rose's Aunt)
Jenny Kightley
Rose Maybud Shelagh Stuchbery
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd
(disguised as Robin Oakapple)
Stuart Homan
Adam Goodheart
(Robin's faithful servant)
Tony Kalm
Richard Dauntless
(Robin's foster-brother)
Michael Gilmartin
Mad Margaret Paige Short
Dandies/Ancestors Tommaso Sciascia, Ivan Pintori, Andrew Weisell, Amedeo Monterubbianesi, Tony Kalm
Village Kid François Lecomte
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore
(a Bad Baronet)
Pascal Lecomte
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
(The 21st Baronet)
Massimo Panzironi
Hornpipe Dancers Barbara Goldfield, Lavinia Cozzi
For the Company  
Director Sandra Provost
Assistant Director Barbara Goldfield, Michael Gilmartin
Stage Manager Gillian Quarmby
Music Director Sandra Provost
Costumes Anna Sciascia & Cristina Cordsen
Lighting Christine Tabbron
Props Cristina Cordsen & Company
Publicity Rachel Rennie
Program Suzanne Fusi & Dany Séry
Poster Pascal Lecomte
SIAE Paul Geaton
Showboard Salvatore Trimarchi
Front of House Paul Geaton
Set construction Pascal Lecomte, Francois Lecomte, Marie Lecomte, Pierre Lecomte, Flaminia Migone
Rehearsal pianist Paige Short
Crew Simon Belanger & Hartwig Nollet
Synopsis in Italian Tommaso Sciascia
Web site Maria Teresa Luppi


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Leaves in autumn fade and fall, Winter is the end of all. Spring and summer teem with glee: Spring and summer, then, for me!

Pascal sewing the backdrop for the stage.

François painting Rose Maybud's house for the Ruddigore set model.